Monday, May 4, 2009

Nag Panchami Strotra नागपञ्चमि स्तोत्र

Naga Panchami is a Hindu festival celebrated by Hindus. It is celebrated on Panchami in Shravan month. On this day, they worship Nāga Devata (Cobras). People go to temples and snake pits and they worship the snakes. They offer milk and silver jewelry to the Cobras to protect them from all evils. They also fast. This festival is to celebrate the day Lord Krishna defeated the serpent Kalia. On this day swings are put up in the village and people enjoy themselves. The married girls visit their parents during this occasion.

In Hindu, snakes must be kept happy or the rains might fail. On Naga Panchami, people worship the holy reptile by sticking images on their doors and leaving bowls of rice and milk out for the serpents' delectation.

The snake is a potent force in Hindu, and greatly feared: the images on doorways are also there to keep the naga from entering the home. Failure to observe Naga Panchami may induce their wrath, resulting in an onset of general evil and, worse, the stopping of the monsoon, over which they have magical powers.

नागपञ्चमिमा पाठ गरिने नागस्तोत्र

अगस्त्यश्च पुलस्त्यश्च वैशम्पायन एव च ।
सुमन्तुजैमिनिश्चैव पञ्चैते वज्रवारका: ॥१॥
मुने: कल्याणमित्रस्य जैमिनेश्चापि कीर्तनात् ।
विद्युदग्निभयं नास्ति लिखितं गृहमण्डल ॥२॥
अनन्तो वासुकि: पद्मो महापद्ममश्च तक्षक: ।
कुलीर: कर्कट: शङ्खश्चाष्टौ नागा: प्रकीर्तिता: ॥३॥
यत्राहिशायी भगवान् यत्रास्ते हरिरीश्वर: ।
भङ्गो भवति वज्रस्य तत्र शूलस्य का कथा ॥४॥

॥ इति श्रीनागस्तोत्रम् सम्पूर्णम् ॥

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