Friday, July 24, 2009

Dashain Tika Mantra - विजया दशमीको टिका लगाऊँदाको श्लोक

विजया दशमीको टिका लगाऊँदाको श्लोक
Dashain Tika Mantra

आयुर्द्रोणसुते श्रियो दशरथे शत्रुक्षयं राघवे ।
ऐश्वर्य नहुषे गतिश्च पवने मानञ्च दुर्योधने ॥
शौर्य शान्तनवे बलं हलधरे सत्यञ्च कुन्तीसुते ॥
जयन्ती मङ्गला काली भद्रकाली कपालिनी ।
दुर्गा क्षमा शिवा धात्री स्वाहा स्वधा नमोऽस्तु ते ॥
जय त्वं देवि चामुण्डे जय भूतापहारिणि ।
जय सर्वगते देवि कालरात्रि नमोऽस्तु ते ॥
ब्रह्मा करोतु दीर्घायुर्विष्णु: करोतु सम्पद: ।
हरो हरतु पापानि गात्रं रक्षतु चण्डिका ॥
आवाहनं न जानामि न जानामि समर्पूणम् ।
पूजां चैव न जानामि क्षम्यतां परमेश्र्वरि ॥

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Purna said...

After all I found the Mantra. But the spellings are not correctly punctuated.And If I am not wrong there is seperate mantra for both boy and girl. So try to quote them seprately. Its of great use to us to follow our ever forgotten tradition. Thnx for ur post.

शिवु said...

Dear Purna,
Thanks for your comment. I think you lack fonts on your computer for that reason you saw the glitch in the Mantra.

Separate Mantra for Boys and Girls I am completely unware of that. If you have separate mantra for Boys and Girls, please post here or just email me.

Partner said...

"And If I am not wrong there is seperate mantra for both boy and girl."

Yes, this is true, but not applicable to all the mantr's. for example :

"aum" ,"hreem" (Aadi Maaya), "kleem", "draam" (Dattatrey), "Gam" (Ganapatee) etc. are called the "beej mantr's".
As they represent different Gods and Goddesses themselves. These are divided into Purush Beej ,Stree Beej representing different "tatva". There's another criterion that I can't remember now.

1. Aum Ganapataye namah >> this is Ganapatee Mantra.
2. Aum Gam Ganapataye namah >> This is when attached with Ganesh Beej.

1. Aum Dattarey namah >> becomes
2. Aum Draam Dattatrey namah

Any Mantr that uses the Beej Mantr's have the power (meaning the support) of those God itself, which means that you can be sure that any mantr when attached its specific Beej Mantr with it, WILL be fruitful and it's a faster way to do so. :)

So, where's the catch ?

hmm you can say when you are reciting (or otherwise) any Mantr with Beej, you will have to purify your Body and soul. Your purpose for reciting that SHOULD be pure, either for benefit of self (and or others.). If you recite the mantr and knowingly or unknowingly also if you wish something bad should happen to this this person, it workes, but in a bad way for you only. This is the price you will need to pay. :)

is this really a price ??

if you believe it,we actually never want to identify and get rid of the bad "us". We just want to get the benefits without changing ourselves. Like Having a cake and eating it too. And If you change and purify (basically being spiritually aware - Dhyaan , or Meditation is the simplest way to do that.) the way of thinking itself, ANY mantra works for you.

There are also rules saying which all Beej Mantr's can be used together and which cannot. Also, I believe Purush Beej Mantr works best for Male, and Stree Beej Mantr works best for Females, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I am not much aware of these myself, just passing along whatever information that I have.

There is seperate classical singing style that kind of uses these Beej Mantr in a beautiful way (not sure what it is called, though), to please the Gods.

anup bangdell said...

can u post mantras in roman? As i am facing difficulties to read out.

Saneel Sharma said...

I think that mantra is not yet complete on "Aayu Dorna Sute", last line if I was not wrong then it should be 'आयुर्द्रोणसुते श्रियो दशरथे शत्रुक्षयं राघवे ।
ऐश्वर्य नहुषे गतिश्च पवने मानञ्च दुर्योधने ॥
शौर्य शान्तनवे बलं हलधरे सत्यञ्च कुन्तीसुते ॥'
सत्ज्ञाने बिदुरे भबन्ती भबतम
कृतिसे नारएने